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why you should watch the great pottery throw down

It will teach you all of the pottery lingo.  Even if you have never been in the same room as a pottery wheel, you can sound like you just finished unloading the kiln of bisque fired wares and you are now heading off to build your own raku kiln. (If that didn’t make sense, it sounds like you need to watch great pottery throw down!). You don’t have to know how to ACTUALLY make anything.  You just have to sound like you know how to.  We watched it as a family right after I started taking classes and my girls loved sounding like they were pros before actually touching clay.

•It is inspiring to watch so many artists gather together and lift each other up while just trying to be better.

•The collection of accents are just lovely to listen to.  

•Who doesn’t want to see a judge in overalls cry because he is so moved by the growth of a potter?

•It is a great reminder that potters come from all walks of life.  There is a banker, a model, a teacher, a stay at home mom, a computer programer and…..they all find joy in creating with clay.

•It will help you appreciate the work that goes into a handmade piece of pottery.  Although they make it look like a project is completed in an hour of tv, they also show all of the pieces of the project and normally you can see the contestants go home for several days in-between steps to allow for proper drying and what not. 

•Watching Great Pottery Throwdown will make you a happy person, end of the story.  Generally speaking, I really think potters are a pretty nice sort of people.  The potters on this show are the best of the best sort of people.  They are happy and kind folks, which just makes the whole show jolly good fun.  

Although season 6 will soon be released on HBO Max, there are 5 seasons that are absolute gems.  The quality of potters just keeps getting better with each season, which I think is because the show has contributed to a lot of growth in the field of pottery.    


If you’ve watched Great Pottery Throwdown, I’d love to hear what reasons you think I’ve missed.