clay with a view: I am now offering pottery experiences at my forest grove studio

summer studio happenings

what I'm throwing: this week has been full of berry bowls, harry pottery mugs (I've been dreaming about making these since last fall!) and lots of new palette designs.

what I am listening to:  I listened to a great talk about kindness and am also making my way through Atomic Habits.  Both of them are kind of swirling around in my brain as I throw, making me think about how I can be better. 

what came out of the kiln: some new palettes, some cracked palettes (sigh....), a bunch of miss autumn mugs, a new style of bowl I played with and some pretty cool earrings that I made out of black clay.  All in all, a fun kiln to empty.  Pottery and it's unpredictable way helps you get over losses because they are just going to happen sometimes.  I don't have much come out with cracks, but I think some of these larger palettes need extra love during the making process.   

what I am grateful for:

• a good friend that loaned us an a/c unit while we are waiting for a new compressor for ours.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the low 100's and on Sunday it is supposed to hit 110.  This is crazy hot for Portland and I am so glad that we aren't going to melt, thanks to kind and generous friends.  

• my new (to me) kiln.  It needs a little bit of work and we're going to have to disassemble it to get it through the door, but it is giant AND computerized.  It will be worth it and it was so so very cheap.

•we had our first creek day of 2021 and it was lovely.  It is much cooler up in the mountains and I have a real soft spot for that amazing smell that comes with a creek.