clay with a view: I am now offering pottery experiences at my forest grove studio

springing forward in the studio

I am a little embarrassed that it has been so long since giving a peak into my studio happenings, but here we are.  

I am in the middle of making for several wholesale orders right now so this morning I threw 25 brush cups, 8 bowls and 1 butter dish.  Yesterday I threw a plethora of mugs, thumblers, spoon rests, planters and creamer pots.  (Along with 2 huge planters that left my shoulder and wrist a wee bit sore)  I know to some it might feel a little bit lacking in creative energy to whip our a ton of one item, but I have to say that as much as I love coming up with a new design, it feels oddly satisfying to see a board full of 20 cups all lined up.  I guess it is the same side of me that loves gazing down the rows of our neighbor's vineyard.  

what I am watching: business proposal (a guilty pleasure kdrama) 

what I am reading: Anne of Green Gables