clay with a view: I am now offering pottery experiences at my forest grove studio

big news from joye made clay

For those of you that missed the breaking news on instagram, I have finally broken ground on my very own studio.  I haven’t told many people this, but since I first started selling my little clay creations, I have been tucking away a large amount of the money to save up for a studio.  Each time I thought I thought I was getting closer, the finish line seemed to move further away.

Last week, we got the ground ready for a nice cement foundation and let me tell you — I shouted for joy when my daughter sent me a picture of the excavator when it showed up at my house.  I’m excited!  I’m excited for the easy access to my creations at all stages (it is really hard to haul it over to my current studio just to check on how dry something is!).  I am excited to have my daughters be able to drop in at the studio and hang out with me as I throw.  I am excited to be able to teach some of you how to throw.  And I am excited to be able to have a little more space to grow my skills while creating all of those ideas that are floating around my head.  

And all of those things I am looking forward to bring me to all of you.  Each one of you has supported this dream in some way or another.  Every penny you have spent in my little shop has made this possible.  It has allowed me to spend my time doing something I truly love - something that brings me a huge amount of joy.  Thank you for your support, for your encourage words and for helping me grow.  I can’t wait to see what is next.